The PACWEST Technical Conference symbolizes the interdependence of those who develop technology in the pulp and paper industry and the many suppliers of related materials and equipment.

In the mid 60’s, a technical development formula evolved as the basis for planning, conducting and evaluating these Conferences. Three groups, the C.P.P.A. (now known as PAPTAC), the Pacific Coast Branch, the Western Branch and Waiting Room #6 of the International Brotherhood of Migratory Peddlers (IBMP) contribute to the Joint Conference Committee, now known as PACWEST. The Conference leadership alternates between the two Branches with a Vice-Chair in charge of technical papers, who becomes Conference Chairman the following year. The IBMP has a leadership succession which provides experienced co-chairs responsible for all Conference arrangements. The pulp and paper technical departments focus on the technical highlights of the day.

For all who have participated in these Conferences, the results speak for themselves. For the industry’s management and those yet to come, a strong growth in leadership can only benefit from competitive participation.

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Executive & Organizing Committees

Listing of Pacwest Chairs from 1962

H.R. MacMillan Trophy Winners from 1976 & Technical Awards from 2012

                                                  Photos from PACWEST 2018




                                                  Photos from PACWEST 2017






                                                  Photos from PACWEST 2016






                                     Photos from PACWEST 2015

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                                            Photos from PACWEST 2014





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                                     Photos from PACWEST 2012






Photos from PACWEST 2011








1)   2010 Chairs: Ralph Lunn and Alan Humber with Feature Luncheon Speaker, Don Roberts (centre)

2)  Forum Panellists with Pacwest Chairs and Prograrm Chair, Paul Watson

3)   Pacwest 2010 Judges: Jamie Percy, Don Olson and Dan Davies with Randy Reimer and Ralph Lunn. (missing from photo is Randy Wunderlich)

4)  Terry Hesketh, Madena Reimer with newly inducted Honorary Peddler, Dwayne Sklapsky, and Kim Madsen

Photos from PACWEST 2009                       

Conference co-chairs:  Alan Humber and Carlo Dal Monte  IBMP Member Terry Hesketh with 2009 Honorary Peddler, Pierre Lamarche      

Runner-Up, Manish Bhole, with Carlo Dal Monte and Ralph Lunn   Best Paper awarded to Don Olson with Carlo Dal Monte and Ralph Lunn

Best Novice awarded to Clara Gómez, with Carlo Dal Monte and Ralph Lunn    Click to see a larger image

Photos from PACWEST 2008

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           Photos from PACWEST 2019